Should I Get an End-of-Season AC Tune-Up?

September 19, 2020

Air conditioners are a staple of modern homes. Even in colder climates, air conditioners improve the comfort in residences and workplaces during the summer months. Once warm weather comes to a close, however, many air conditioners are left behind until the following spring or summer season. Although it’s often disregarded as a waste, an end-of-season AC tune-up is a worthwhile idea you should consider before it gets too late.

Improve All-Around Central HVAC System Functioning

Central HVAC systems are the norm in most modern homes and workplaces. Although their heating and air conditioning functions use some different components, the two aren’t entirely independent of one another. By getting an end-of-season air conditioner tune-up for your central HVAC system, you’ll improve its efficiency.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an often-overlooked factor that can have a major impact on your quality of life. By hiring a professional HVAC company to perform maintenance, you can get a leg up on airborne pollutants. A technician will address dust buildup, damp conditions that can foster mold and holes that could be letting unwanted pollutants inside.

End-Of-Season Service Orders Have Shorter Wait Times

HVAC technicians across the country receive a flood of air conditioner service requests in the dog days of summer. Unfortunately, this means some homeowners may have to wait to get their air conditioning units repaired. This can be really inconvenient if the weather is scorching or you’re planning a get-together. By getting an end-of-season AC tune-up, you’ll have a better shot at finding help when it’s convenient for you.

As you see, there are several upsides of out-of-season AC tune-ups. Trust the crew at Peters Associates in Philadelphia, PA, to get the job done correctly. Founded in 1945, we install smart home products, service water heaters, improve indoor air quality, and maintain HVAC systems. Check us out online to learn more about what we offer customers in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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