HVAC Maintenance Agreements

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HVAC Maintenance AgreementsAnnual Spring and Fall Maintenance will extend the life of your comfort system. Having a maintenance agreement gives you added benefits and coverage throughout the year.

When you have a new system installed it must be serviced twice a year for the manufacturer’s warranty to stay in effect.

Peters Associates offers many types of Service and Maintenance Agreements, we call them agreements because you agree to have a plan to protect your investment and keep your family safe, and we agree to respect your time, your property and to save you money with the least amount of interruption to your daily life.

  • Starting at $24/month
  • 2 inspections and cleanings a year (one heat, one A/C)
  • 2 filter changes
  • 10% off on parts for repairs
  • Diagnostic discount with repair
  • Priority service
  • Starting at $37/month
  • 2 inspections and cleanings a year (one heat, one A/C)
  • 2 filter changes
  • Labor is covered under this plan
  • No diagnostic charge
  • Priority service
  • Contact Us for Pricing
  • 2 inspections and cleanings a year
  • 2 filter changes
  • Labor and parts covered
  • No diagnostic charge
  • Priority service
  • Only available on certain equipment based on age. Contact us for details and to see if you qualify.

When does it make sense to replace your old Heating and Cooling System with a new one?

If your furnace is more than twelve years old, it may be time to start thinking about upgrading to a new high-efficiency furnace from Peters Associates.

The savings may surprise you. As gas and electric prices continue to rise, you could save up to $600.00* a year and more in energy costs alone. Think of the money you could save on those increasingly expensive and frequent repair bills on your old furnace and /or air conditioning system.

If you still think your system has a few years left, you may wish to consider one of our maintenance agreements. It’s like a watchdog for your system, making sure as it gets up in age that it stays safe to operate. With a maintenance agreement, you will receive discounts and priority service. Our plans vary in that you could have cleanings or sign up for our parts and labor agreements for a worry-free season. You’re guaranteed emergency priority service, that would be: 24/7/365

*Certain Conditions Apply

Give us a call we would be glad to explain our agreements or answer any questions you may have.

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