Utility Rebates Available

Take advantage of available tax credit rebates and receive up to $2,000 on qualifying systems.

PECO Rebates

Central AC Rebates:

$150 for 15.2-15.9 SEER2, 12 EER2 or $200 for 16 Seer2 12 EER2


Heat Pumps Rebates:

$200 for 15.2-17 Seer2, 11.7+ EER2, 7.8 HSPF2 for $300 it is 17.1 +Seer2, 11.7+ EER2, and 7.8+ HSPF2

Mini split Rebates:

$150 for 15.2 -17SEER2, 11.7+ EER2, 7.8+ HSPF2 $300 for 17.1+ SEET2, 11.7 + EER2, AND 7.8 + HSPF2

Heating System Rebates in Bucks County and Montgomery County

$350 for energy star certified 95%-96.9%, $600 for anything greater than 97% efficiency

Peco Rebates

Philadelphia Gas Rebates

$400 for 95% forced furnace and $1,000 for 94% boiler.

Philadelphia Gas Rebates


Residential HVAC Rebate Program

Customers looking to replace or upgrade their heating and air conditioning systems have a limited time opportunity to save! Not only does the purchase of a qualifying system save you money, you’ll also use less energy, reducing your monthly electric bill!

Residential HVAC Rebate Program