Furnace Efficiency Tips

January 8, 2020

When the time of the year that requires the use of the furnace arrives, all you want is for it to do its job. As long as the unit has been maintained, it is possible to make the furnace operate better. Here are three tips to make your furnace run more efficiently.

Clean It

The most important component of a furnace is the filter. The filter stops debris from being blown throughout your home. Since the filter is trapping dust, dirt, and debris, it has to be cleaned. If the filter remains dirty, the amount of warm air that gets pushed throughout your home becomes limited. You are also encouraged to keep the rest of the unit clean in addition to the area immediately surrounding the furnace.

Trap the Heat Inside

Once the warm air has been blown throughout your home, you can make your furnace more efficient by trapping the heat inside. Obviously, you want to ensure that windows and doors are closed. You also want to make sure that cracks and crevices have been sealed off. This prevents leaks. Additionally, you can purchase curtains that help maintain the indoor temperature at the level you desire.

Regular Tune-Ups

If you help your furnace run efficiently, it will operate better. Caring for your furnace means that you are hiring professionals in Philadelphia, PA, to complete tune-ups on a consistent basis. HVAC professionals like Peters Associates encourage clients to service the unit before it is going to be used on a regular basis and afterward, too.

Consider a Replacement

Eventually, your furnace is going to wear out. Technology has improved many of your household appliances, including the furnace. There are units that are specifically built for maximum efficiency. If your current furnace is very old, taking a look at what is on the market can help you make a decision to replace or keep.

For more tips on maximizing your furnace’s efficiency, contact Peters Associates, who provides heating and cooling services in Philadelphia, today.

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