Mini-Split Air Conditioners in Bensalem, PAIf you’re looking into getting a mini-split air conditioner in Bensalem, PA, then you probably have good reason to do so. Many homeowners, even those with central AC, consider a ductless AC because they need an additional room or an outbuilding, such as a garage or tool shed, cooled. Others own a historic home and opt for mini-splits because they alter its look and feel the least.

    Mini-splits are basically heat pumps because they move heat out of the home. You have the same basic units as with a central heat pump. This includes an air handler inside to absorb the heat, a compressor outside to release it, and two copper lines to let the refrigerant carry that heat. The only difference is that a mini-split cools a single room, whereas central AC uses vents to cool the entire home.

    Bensalem Mini-Split Air Conditioner Basics

    You can expect the installation process to be simple; you choose what room or rooms to install a mini-split in, and then you determine based on that where the compressor should be located. The distance between compressor and air handlers can be as long as 50 feet, so you have flexibility in this regard. The air handlers themselves have a stylish, compact design that will make them an attractive feature of any room. You can hang these on the walls or from the ceiling. The refrigerant lines require only a 3-inch hole to be made in the walls.

    Bensalem Mini-Split Air Conditioner Basics

    Besides ease of installation, mini-splits offer the benefit of:
    • Zoning controls
    • Directional airflow
    • Great energy savings
    • A long lifespan

    Zoning becomes a reality when you have more than one mini-split because each comes with its own thermostat. In effect, the home becomes split between different temperature “zones” according to the comfort levels of each occupant. This means greater comfort for everyone than if one stuck with central AC. Bensalem residents can also save money with a ductless AC because there will be no vents to let any of that cool air escape.

    Ductless AC Work in Bensalem

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