Thermostat Best Practices for Fall

October 7, 2019

Fall is just around the corner and temperatures will begin dropping very soon. You will want to run your furnace during the fall and winter seasons to stay warm. However, running your furnace too high can end up causing your electric bill to skyrocket. Fortunately, Peters Associates is here with some tips that you can use this fall when you need to adjust your thermostat. This information will help you find the optimal times to turn the furnace up and save money on your electric bill.

Find a Schedule That Works for You

Finding the right schedule for your thermostat is crucial to keeping your electric bill down. Typically, you will experience colder temperatures at night and warmer ones during the day. This means that you will want to adjust your thermostat according to the temperature and time of day. This will ensure that you are not forcing your furnace to work harder whenever it doesn’t need to.

Getting a Programmable Thermostat

While sticking to a schedule is crucial when it comes to keeping the temperature at the right levels, constantly adjusting your thermostat can become a pain. Your best option is to find a programmable thermostat that will regularly adjust itself depending on the time of day.

Working With the Right Company

Working with a company that cares about your needs is important. This is why you should choose Peters Associates. We have been servicing the Philadelphia, PA area for years and look forward to helping you whenever you need it the most. We provide consultation services that will help you find the right furnace for your home when the weather gets colder. We also provide these services at your convenience.

Be sure to contact Peters Associates today for more information. We are standing by to assist you whenever you need air conditioning services.

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