Why Is My Furnace Making a Loud Noise?

November 14, 2019

A furnace isn’t always quiet. When the burner fires up, you’ll hear a distinct sound. That’s not out of the ordinary. Loud, annoying sounds, however, are. If your furnace makes strange noises, then something might be wrong. What could be the cause of those noises, though?

Bearings Require Replacing

The fan inside the furnace makes noise, but the sounds usually aren’t too loud. A fan and its components, however, do suffer from wear and tear over time. The bearings, in particular, wear out. Once this occurs, expect to hear odd sounds until replacing the bearings. At Peters Associates, we’ve long served customers in Philadelphia with many HVAC needs. Our crew can help you with any bearings issues.

Ignition Issues

Just like a car, a troubled furnace ignition can lead to some unwanted sounds. Pay close attention to when the unexpected sound occurs. If you hear a loud bang when you fire up the furnace, a “delayed ignition” may be the problem.

Whistling From the Ducts

Not all the sounds result from problems with the motor, ignition, or other internal parts of the furnace. A whistling sound may come from the ducts. More accurately, the whistling comes from air escaping through holes in the ducts. The noise won’t go away until the perforations in the ducts get sealed. This is a job a repair professional can perform.

Loose Parts Lead to Rattles

Parts can eventually become loose inside the furnace. When the furnace runs, the vibrations generated by the motor will move components that aren’t adequately secured. Case in point, if screws or bolts come loose, the duct or various parts will move, as they’re no longer secured. Resecuring them should eliminate the annoying rattles.

Odd Motor Noise

Motors can loosen up and start to bounce. Putting something underneath the motor could stop the problem, but DIY fixes aren’t recommended. Leave things to a pro for safety and other reasons.

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