A Maintenance Plan with Peters Associates Offers Exceptional Benefits

April 4, 2024
A Maintenance Plan with Peters Associates Offers Exceptional Benefits

Maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system is vital for a comfortable home environment and cost-effective operation. At Peters Associates, we understand this need and offer a range of maintenance plans tailored to suit your requirements. Let’s dive into the exceptional benefits offered by each of our maintenance agreements:

Bronze Maintenance Agreement

Starting at just $24 per month, our Bronze Agreement is a budget-friendly option packed with essential services. With two annual inspections and cleanings—dedicated to both heating and cooling—coupled with two filter changes, your HVAC system remains optimized year-round. Moreover, as a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks such as a 10% discount on repair parts, diagnostic discounts, and priority service. Trust Peters Associates to keep your HVAC system running efficiently while providing you with peace of mind.

Silver Agreement

Elevate your HVAC maintenance experience with our Silver Agreement, starting at $37 per month. This plan offers comprehensive care with two detailed inspections and cleanings annually, alongside two filter changes. What sets the Silver Agreement apart is that labor is covered, ensuring you’re shielded from unexpected repair costs. Additionally, there’s no diagnostic charge, saving you both time and money. With priority service, your comfort remains our top priority. Count on Peters Associates for hassle-free maintenance and reliable HVAC performance year-round.

Gold Maintenance Agreement

For unparalleled peace of mind, opt for our Gold Agreement—the pinnacle of HVAC maintenance. With meticulous attention to detail, this plan includes two thorough inspections and cleanings per year, along with two filter changes. What makes the Gold Agreement exceptional is that both labor and parts are covered, providing protection against unforeseen expenses. Moreover, there’s no diagnostic charge, further enhancing cost savings. Enjoy priority service for prompt assistance with your HVAC needs. Contact us for pricing details, as eligibility for the Gold Agreement depends on equipment age. Experience premium maintenance with Peters Associates and ensure the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC system.

Choose Peters Associates for your AC maintenance needs and experience unmatched benefits that enhance comfort, save money, and provide peace of mind. Reach out today to find the perfect maintenance plan for your home.

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