How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

June 28, 2021
Cooling Solutions in Philadelphia, PA

Summertime in Philadelphia can reach uncomfortably hot levels. While air conditioning is the easiest way to combat the seasonal heat, it’s not always an available option to some households. Fortunately, you can still keep your home cool without an AC unit. Try these simple strategies.

Close Your Blinds

According to research, up to 30% of heat indoors comes from your windows. Install shades, blinds and curtains to minimize the amount of sunlight coming in from the outside. Make sure to keep these coverings closed during the hottest hours of the day. Not only will it keep your indoor temperatures lower by up to 20 degrees, but these devices can also lower your energy bill by up to 7%.

Do Your Cooking Outdoors

Using an oven or a stove top is the fastest way to heat up a house. If you do most of your cooking on your grill outside, it will keep the interior of your home much cooler. Another alternative to consider is planning ahead and cooking in a crock pot.

Be Smart With Your Sheets

Swap out your bedsheet material to match the current climate conditions. While flannel and fleece blankets are great insulators, cotton tends to be a better material for hot and humid nights. It “breathes” better and stays cooler. The same goes for your sofa cushion covers and other fabrics that you would normally lie or sit on.

Swap Out Your Lights

Traditional incandescent lights tend to be inefficient. In fact, they are said to waste roughly 90% of their power in the heat they generate. Toss them out and use CFL lights instead. Not only will this decision help cool your home, but it will also lower your utility bill.

Get Assistance From the Experts

For a long-term solution, install an energy-efficient air conditioning unit in your home. At Peters Associates, we can help you with installation as well as routine maintenance checks and repairs of both cooling and heating systems. We also offer smart home system installations and indoor air quality audits to customers throughout Philadelphia. For more information on this or any related topic, give us a call today.

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