Making a Plan for Commercial HVAC Projects: Everything You Need to Know

November 16, 2023
Commercial HVAC in Philadelphia, PA

The HVAC equipment in your Philadelphia, PA business can seriously affect your bottom line. Commercial HVAC systems keep building interiors usable, comfortable, and safe. They protect humans, merchandise, and more. Having your HVAC system fail could result in temporary closure and profit loss. Don’t wait for major problems to plan for essential upgrades and replacements. The following are several reasons why planning is vital for all large-scale commercial HVAC projects.

Make the Most of These All-Important Investments

Installing new HVAC equipment is a major investment. Advanced planning for your HVAC projects will allow you to:

  • Establish a feasible budget
  • Compare the duration and provisions of manufacturer warranties
  • Ensure optimum levels of equipment safety
  • Explore the latest innovations in HVAC technology
  • Determine which integrated accessories to include

When projects are scheduled at the last minute, you could overlook major issues. Moreover, commercial property owners could have a far more limited range of immediately available products from which to select.

Ensure Compliance

Depending upon which industry-specific operations your commercial facility houses, how you regulate temperature and humidity and clean your indoor air could be subject to various regulations. When you’re rushing, you’ll have a harder time maintaining compliance with constantly changing state, federal, and industry-wide standards. Taking your time to prepare will allow you to work with compliance consultants and find an HVAC company that understands the nuances of your field.

Streamline Your New HVAC System for Optimum Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), HVAC operation can account for as much as 44% of a commercial property’s total energy use. Having more time to learn the efficiency ratings, benefits, and drawbacks of different equipment types can greatly limit your spending in this area.

Make Accommodations for Nearby or Integrated Building Features

The tools and equipment that support businesses are becoming increasingly integrated. Just as smart home features and home automation are on the rise, companies are taking greater advantage of convenient and time-saving technologies. Although these upgrades make day-to-day life easier for both property owners and building residents, they make commercial HVAC projects more complex. If you have a smart building, advanced planning for your HVAC projects will allow plenty of time for making the necessary preparations for all connected or integrated building features and systems.

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