The Importance of Oil Furnace Maintenance

September 19, 2023
Furnace maintenance in Philadelphia, PA

Do you need to maintain your oil furnace? At Peters Associates, we recommend maintaining your oil furnace in the spring and again in the fall. Our professional service technicians perform preventative heating service by thoroughly inspecting a furnace and giving it a tune-up. This practice ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the cooler seasons. What exactly does oil furnace maintenance include?

Venting Check-Up and Cleaning

We will inspect the air intake and supply grilles for any obstructions to airflow. If we find any blockages, we will quickly remove them.

Blower and Filter Inspection

The blower is what moves the warm air to your supply ducts. The blower is operated by a motor. We will test the motor to ensure it is drawing the appropriate amperage to operate efficiently. We will also remove any debris from the blower by cleaning it thoroughly. There is generally an existing air filter placed over the blower. If this is dirty, we will replace it with a new filter.

Electrical Connections

All electrical connections are checked for corrosion and loose wiring. If corrosion is discovered, the wiring will be replaced. Any loose electrical connections are tightened.

Burner Tune-Up

The burner is the part of the furnace that uses a flame to burn the oil so that it is transferred into heat for the blower to utilize. Our technicians will inspect the flame sensor to ensure it is firing as intended.

Belt Replacement and Parts Lubrication

Your furnace has several moving parts to make it run smoothly. Sometimes, the moving parts require lubrication to prevent them from becoming stagnant. Some of these parts move using belts. If the belts are loose or corroded, we will replace them.

Thermostat Calibration

All thermostats are checked to ensure that they are responding to temperature fluctuations. If the thermostats are not responding, they will be calibrated or replaced.

Furnace Maintenance From Peters Associates

Annual spring and fall oil furnace maintenance will extend the lifespan of your equipment. It will also ensure that your utility costs are kept in check and that the air quality in your home is acceptable. We are a full-service HVAC contractor that can repair, install, and perform maintenance on your air conditioner or heater. Our team travels throughout Buck’s County, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas. Give Peters Associates a call today to discuss our available furnace maintenance plans.

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