The Transformative Power of Mini-Splits in Commercial HVAC Systems

December 11, 2023
Ductless mini split in Philadelphia, PA

Mini-splits are HVAC systems that can heat and cool indoor spaces. Unlike regular systems, they do not use ductwork to distribute conditioned air. Mini-splits rely on outdoor condenser units and one or more indoor handling units. Here are some benefits of mini-splits.

1. Ease of Installation

The ductless nature of mini-splits makes them easy to install. You can use mini-splits in places where it is hard to install regular HVAC systems. This includes home additions, renovated buildings and rooms with inadequate installation space. The ease of installation makes it less time-consuming and inexpensive.

2. Energy Efficiency

The absence of ductwork makes mini-splits more energy-efficient. Traditional HVAC systems lose energy through leaks and poor duct insulation. Mini-splits also use inverter technology. This allows the compressor to work at variable speeds. The system can thus adjust its output to provide only the needed heating or cooling conditions of a room.

3. Zoning Flexibility

Zoning divides buildings into separate parts (zones) with different temperature controls. Each zone can have its indoor unit. The occupants can control the temperature levels according to their preferences. Buildings with multiple stories will have varied climate conditions. Mini-splits address the specific needs of each floor level. Zoning also saves energy as unoccupied rooms can be kept at lower energy settings.

4. Cost Savings

The initial investment in mini-splits is higher than in traditional HVAC units. However, the long-term savings offset the investment amount. The energy-efficient technologies result in low energy consumption and lower energy bills. They are also cheaper to install. Maintenance services on ductwork are also eliminated, lowering the total servicing costs. Mini-splits are designed with durable components. Its lifespan also exceeds that of traditional HVAC units.

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