Understanding Smart Thermostats

February 15, 2022
Smart Thermostat in Philadelphia, PA

Smart thermostats are a great way to control the temperature in your home. They can be programmed to adjust the temperature of your space based on when you’re at home or out. They’ll learn your habits and be able to keep your home comfortable while optimizing the energy efficiency of your heater and air conditioner.

Smart Learning

You can set your thermostat to reduce your heating or cooling when you’re not in your home. This can ensure you’re not heating or cooling an empty house. It will automatically start to ramp up the heat or cool air in your space before you come home. This will get your house to the right temperature when you arrive. If you’re getting home early, you’ll be able to use your phone to adjust the temperature of your house remotely. If the power is out, smart thermostats can also be adjusted manually.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Turning your heater or air conditioner on at full power to try to rapidly change the temperature of your home isn’t energy efficient. Ramping the temperature slowly will use a lot less energy and reduce the wear and tear on your heater or air conditioner.

HVAC System Monitoring

Smart thermostats will collect data on the performance of your heater and air conditioner. You’ll be able to see if there’s an unexpected change in your energy use. This can indicate that there’s an issue with your HVAC system that needs to be assessed by a professional.

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