Closing the Upstairs Air Vents Can Cost You Money

May 16, 2022
Closing Air Vents in Philadelphia, PA

You’re thinking about closing the upstairs air vents during the summer so that the AC doesn’t need to cool this unused portion of your home. This is a common misconception and this article will discuss the reasons below.

Closed Vents Build Up Pressure

Your AC is a single-speed unit and has a specific cooling capacity, which the installers calculated was fit for a home of your size. With that single speed, the AC is meant to send air to all rooms and cool them simultaneously. Closed vents upset this balance and can cause warm spots to develop even where you want things to be comfortable.

What is even more concerning is that air builds up in the vents and puts pressure on the air handler. You don’t want the motor in particular to wear out before its time because this is one of the costlier components to replace. Increased pressure also means that the air escapes more quickly through any leaks and holes in the ductwork. It’s a waste of energy.

The AC Will Run Excessively

As you can imagine, the air conditioner will run longer to make up for that air being lost through the ductwork. It will do so for another reason, too. The supply vents upstairs will be sucking cool air from downstairs to send into the air handler, thus decreasing your temperature downstairs and preventing the set point from being reached. Such continuous operation will force you to replace your system sooner than expected. At Peters Associates, we’ve handled this project for many homeowners in Philadelphia, PA, some of whom had to get it done because they neglected their system.

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