Why an AC Might Make Your Home Feel Humid

July 18, 2022
AC Humidity in Philadelphia, PA

A well-functioning air conditioner should cool and remove moisture from the indoor air. Several factors can cause your AC to make your home humid or fail at its dehumidifying duties. Too much AC humidity provides an environment for mold and biological growth, which can affect your health. If your home feels humid even when the AC is running, here are some possible reasons.

You Have Dirty Air Filters

An air conditioning unit should remain clean to operate effectively. Air filters prevent debris, dust, and dirt from entering the AC. Thus, failure to clean or change air filters regularly could clog the AC and cause high humidity levels in the house. It’s always advisable to change air filters often to ensure that the AC eliminates excess moisture indoors.

An Old AC

You may need to look into your AC’s age if your home feels humid with the unit on. It might be that the air conditioner is too old to operate effectively and eliminate the excess moisture, leaving your house feeling muggy. It’s best to hire a certified technician to inspect your AC if it’s too old and perform the necessary repairs.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The AC indoor unit houses the evaporator coil, responsible for removing humidity and heat from the indoor air. If clogged air filters or insufficient refrigerant flowing through the evaporator coil blocks airflow, frost or ice layer can form over the coil. If that happens, the evaporator coil fails to eliminate humidity or heat from your house, explaining why the AC makes your home humid.

Incorrect AC Size

Your air conditioner shouldn’t be too big or small for your home. If the system is too small, it strains to cool and dehumidify your house even if it’s running. An experienced technician can help choose the right AC size for your home after inspecting and calculating your cooling needs.

We provide effective and affordable solutions to help regulate humidity levels in your home. Our experts will inspect, repair, or replace faulty AC components that could affect the system’s ability to dehumidify your home. We also specialize in heating installations, fireplace services, and water heaters. Contact Peters Associates for top-notch air conditioning services in Montgomery and Buck’s County.

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